Ino Industry is founded and begins machining parts for automobile transmissions in Yokonuma-cho, Higashi-Osaka.


Moving to Nishizutsumi-cho, Higashi-Osaka, Ino begins machining parts for bicycles.
1975 The No. 2 Factory is built in Shigita-cho, Higashi-Osaka.
1984 Ino Industry, Co., Ltd. incorporates with 3 million yen in capital.


 With business increasing, headquarters are moved to 5-1-15 Takaidanaka, Higashi-Osaka. Nishizutsumi becomes the No. 2 Factory, and Shigita becomes the No. 3 Factory.
Paid-in capital is increased to 10 million yen. 
1997 The Nos. 2 and 3 Factories are consolidated on the same site as headquarters.


Upon completion of new facilities on a 990-m² site, headquarters are moved to 5-4-41 Takaidanaka, Higashi-Osaka. Total floor space is 1,782 m².


The No. 2 Factory building is constructed and begins operation on a 792-m² site with total floor space of 1,485 m².